Tally Dascom 1140
5.6 Black Mark Parameters
This printer uses tractors to load fanfold forms with pre-printed black marks.
The printer requires 3 parameters to print on paper with black marks:
1. Horizontal offset of black mark from the edge of page (called Black Mark Physical
Horizontal Position); later on, this value facilitates the printer to locate its scanner
preparing for identifying the black marks.
2. Vertical offset of the first print line from the black mark (called Distance Offset From
BlackMark To Print Position); later on, the print makes use of this value to print the first
line relative to the black mark.
3. Vertical offset of the tear-off edge from the black mark (called Distance Offset From
BlackMark To Tear Position); this value informs the printer the tear-off position of the
Not to skip or change the order of setting the above 3 parameters.
The procedures to set the parameters:
1. Hold down the Tear key while powering on the printer and then release the key when
the print head starts to move. After loading paper, the printer prompts the Printer
Printer Settings
[TEAR]=Back, [LF]=Next, [LOAD/EJECT]=OK, [ONLINE]=Exit,
[ONLINE]+[LOAD/EJECT]=Save and restart the printer.
System Setup
2. Press the Next or Back keys to scroll forward or backward the sub-menus till the
printer shows:
BlackMark Mode
3. Press OK to go into the BlackMark menu. The printer prompts:
[Black Mark Adjustment Mode]
[TEAR]= Back, [LF]= Next, [LOAD/EJECT]=OK, [ONLINE]=Exit,
[ONLINE]+[LOAD/EJECT]= Save and restart the printer.
Black Mark Physical Horizontal Position
Press any key to eject the paper, and load paper with black mark in the Fanfold
4. The last prompt above advises you to press any key to unload the dialog form. Then
load a fanfold form with black mark.
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