Tally Dascom 1140
Paper Setup
Valid Settings
Bail mode
The pressure lever presses the paper against the
print platen during printing, but it is released for
paper loading.
Invalid: If you uninstall the lever or want to disable
the function, set this setting to “invalid”.
Standard: Release the lever for paper loading and
lower the lever to press the paper against the
platen during printing.
Special: When the paper is in tear-off position, after
the printer received printing data, the printer will
judge whether tear-off was implemented first. If
tear-off was implemented and printing position is in
lever area, then the printer will press the lever; If
tear-off was not implemented, the printer will not
press the lever.
Roll Paper
No, Yes
In friction mode, LF/FFwill not eject the paper
and feed to next page. (Assume roll paper)
5.3 Interface Setup
Interface setup
Valid Settings
No, Yes
No: Disables plug and play for USB
Yes: Enables plug and play.
No: Disables USB ID.
Yes: Enables USB ID
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