Tally Dascom 1145/1125+
8.7 Firmware Update
Sometimes it is necessary to update the firmware to solve a problem. The latest firmware file
may be obtained from your dealer or downloaded from our website www.dascom.com. Before
updating firmware, it is strongly recommended to print the Main Menu page to keep a record
of the old settings.
Note: Firmware update should only be performed by an authorized service person. We
disclaim any responsibility for any damage caused if it is performed by any other person.
To load new firmware, proceed as follows:
1. Switch off the printer. Connect your PC to the USB port on the printer.
2. Link Configuration Tool and then click “Firmware Update” as shown in below picture:
3. Click “Browse” to choose program file and character set, then Click “Start” ,following
message is prompted. Click “OK.
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