Tally Dascom 1145/1125+
8.3 Operating Problems and Solutions
The power does not turn
Check whether the mains voltage is correct.
Make sure that the power cord is securely connected to
both the printer and the mains power outlet.
Make sure that the power outlet is functional. If not so, use
other outlet.
Turn the power off. Wait a minute and then turn the printer
on again. If the printer still has no power, contact your
The printer is on but it will
not print.
Make sure that the Online indicator is lit.
If you use the interface cable, make sure it is securely
connected to both the printer and the computer.
Make sure paper is loaded.
Run the printer Status Page. If printing executes normally,
the problem is caused by: the interface, the computer,
incorrect printer settings, or incorrect software settings.
Make sure that the printer driver selected in your software
is the same as the emulation selected on the printer.
Paper select lever error
If paper is loaded and the paper select lever is moved to the
incorrect position, the printer turns offline, and the buzzer
sounds continuously. Switch the paper select lever back to its
correct position.
8.4 Printer Failures
A user cannot generally resolve a problem involving defective printer hardware. Power off
and on again the printer to recover any fatal error. If the problem cannot be resolved, contact
your dealer or service partner.
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