Tally Dascom 1145/1125+
7 Maintenance
Your printer requires very little care. Occasional cleaning and replacement of the ribbon
cartridge are all that is required. Cleaning is recommended approximately every 6 months or
300 hours of operation, whichever is sooner. Lubrication of the printer is not usually necessary.
If the print head carriage does not move smoothly back and forth, clean the printer in the
manner described in this chapter. If the problem continues, contact your dealer to determine
whether lubrication may be necessary.
Switch printer off and unplug the power cord from the main before doing any
maintenance work.
7.1 Cleaning
The housing and the top cover of the printer help protect it against dust, dirt, and other
contaminants. However, paper produces small particles that accumulate inside the printer.
This section explains how to clean and vacuum the printer and how to clean the paper bail
rollers. It is easier to clean the printer when the cover is open.
7.2 Cleaning and Vacuuming the Printer
If the print head carriage does not move smoothly back and forth or paper particles have
accumulated in the printer, clean the printer.
To clean and vacuum the printer:
1. Remove any paper from the printer. Make sure that the power is off, and then disconnect
the printer power cord.
2. Using a soft vacuum brush, vacuum the exterior of the printer. Also vacuum the cut sheet
3. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the exterior of the printer, including the cover. A mild
detergent may be used. Do not use solvents, kerosene, or abrasive cleaning materials
that may damage the printer.
4. Open the cover of the printer and remove the ribbon cartridge. Using a soft vacuum
brush, gently vacuum the platen, the print head carriage and shaft, and surrounding
areas. You can easily slide the print head to the left or right when the power is off. Be
careful not to press too hard on the flat head cable that extends from the print head
5. Re-install the ribbon cartridge.
6. Remove the single sheet feeder and clean the form tractors and the surrounding areas.
7. Re-install the single sheet feeder.
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