Tally Dascom 1145/1125+
Important Safety Instructions (English)
Read the following instructions thoroughly before starting up your printer.
Never carry out maintenance or repair work yourself. Always contact a qualified service technician.
Keep this Operator’s Manual in a place which is easily accessible at all times.
Place the printer on a solid and even base so that it cannot fall.
Never place the printer in the vicinity of inflammable gas or explosive substances.
Ensure the printer is connected to a socket with the correct mains voltage.
Always disconnect the printer from the mains before opening the device to perform maintenance work or
remedy errors.
Do not expose the printer to high temperatures, direct sunlight or dust.
Keep all liquids away from the printer.
Protect the printer from shock, impact and vibration.
Make sure that the printer and computer are switched off before connecting the data cable.
The print head will become very hot during printing; avoid contact with the print head after printing has
Do not perform any operation or action in any way other than those provided in this manual. When in
doubt, contact your dealer or your customer support.
The device and mains-socket must all times be easily accessible.
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