Symptoms Possible Causes Solution
The unit powers
up, but does not
scan and/or
The bar code being
scanned does not
satisfy the configured
criteria for character
length lock or minimum
Verify that the bar code being
scanned falls into the configured
The scanner defaults to a minimum
of 3 character bar code.
The following item is only relevant for RS232 and Serial Emulation USB interfaces.
The unit scans a
bar code, but
locks up after the
first scan and the
red* LED stays on.
The unit is configured
to support some form
of host handshaking
but is not receiving the
If the unit is setup to support
D/E, verify that the host cable and
host are supporting the handshaking
The unit scans,
but the data
transmitted to the
host is incorrect.
The unit’s data format
does not match the
host system’s
Verify that the unit’s data format
matches that required by the host.
Make sure that the unit is connected
to the proper host port.
The bar code may
have been printed
The unit is not
configured correctly for
the type of bar code
being scanned.
Check if it is a check digit/character
or border problem.
The unit beeps at
some bar codes
but NOT for
others of the
same bar code
symbology. The minimum symbol
length setting does not
work with the bar code.
Check if the correct minimum
symbol length is set.
The unit scans
the bar code but
there is no data.
The unit’s configuration
is not correct.
Make sure the scanner is configured
for the appropriate mode.
The host is
receiving data
but the data does
not look correct.
The scanner and host
may not be configured
for the same interface
Check that the scanner and the host
are configured for the same
interface parameters.
Characters are
being dropped.
Inter-character delay
needs to be added to
the transmitted output.
Add some inter-character delay to
the transmitted output by using the
MetroSelect Single-Line
Configuration Guide.
In some custom units, the standard green LED has been replaced with a blue LED and the red
LED has been replaced with a white LED.
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