Lone Worker
This feature prompts an emergency to be raised if there is no
user activity, such as any radio button press or activation of the
channel selector, for a predefined time.
Following no user activity for a programmed duration, the radio
pre-warns the user via an audio indicator once the inactivity
timer expires.
If there is still no acknowledgment by the user before the
predefined reminder timer expires, the radio initiates an
Emergency Alarm.
Only one of the following Emergency Alarms is assigned to this
Emergency Alarm
Emergency Alarm with Call
Emergency Alarm with Voice to Follow
The radio remains in the emergency state allowing voice
messages to proceed until action is taken. See Emergency
Operation on page 61 on ways to exit Emergency.
NOTE: This feature is limited to radios with this function
enabled. Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
Password Lock Features
If enabled, this feature allows you to access your radio via
password upon powering up.
Accessing the Radio from Password
Power up the radio.
1You hear a continuous tone. The first line of the display
shows Enter Password:. The second line of the display
shows a blinking cursor.
2Enter a four-digit password. The second line of the display
shows ****. Press N to proceed.
You hear a positive indicator tone for every digit pressed.
Press P to remove the last * on the display. You hear a
negative indicator tone, if you press P when the second
line of the display is empty, or if you press more than four
3If the password is correct:
Your radio proceeds to power up. See Powering Up the
Radio on page 5.
If the password is incorrect:
The display shows Wrong Password. Repeat Steps 1 and 2.
Password less than four digits is incorrect.
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