If enabled, this feature helps to prevent eavesdropping by
unauthorized users on a channel by the use of a software-
based scrambling solution. The signaling and user identification
portions of a transmission are not scrambled.
Your radio must have privacy enabled on the channel to send a
privacy-enabled transmission, although this is not a necessary
requirement for receiving a transmission. While on a privacy-
enabled channel, the radio is still able to receive clear
(unscrambled) transmissions.
Your radio supports two types of privacy:
Basic Privacy
Enhanced Privacy.
Only ONE of the privacy types above can be assigned to the
To unscramble a privacy-enabled call or data transmission, your
radio must be programmed to have the same Privacy Key (for
Basic Privacy), OR the same Key Value and Key ID (for
Enhanced Privacy) as the transmitting radio.
If your radio receives a scrambled call that is of a different
Privacy Key, OR a different Key Value and Key ID, you will
either hear a garbled transmission (Basic Privacy) or nothing at
all (Enhanced Privacy).
The LED lights up solid green while the radio is transmitting and
blinks green rapidly when the radio is receiving an ongoing
privacy-enabled transmission.
NOTE: Some radio models may not offer this Privacy feature.
Check with your dealer or system administrator for
more information.
Press the programmed Privacy button to toggle privacy on or
Follow the procedure below.
1S to access the menu.
2Por Q to Utilities and press N to select.
3Por Q to Radio Settings and press N to select.
4Por Q to Privacy and press N to select.
5The display shows Privacy and Turn On. Press N to
enable privacy. The display shows the Secure icon and
Privacy On.
The display shows Privacy and Turn Off. Press N to
disable privacy. The display shows the Unsecure icon and
Privacy Off.
If the radio has a privacy type assigned, the Home screen
shows the secure or Unsecure icon, except when the radio is
sending or receiving an Emergency call or alarm.
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