Managing Sent Text Messages
Once a message is sent to another radio, it is saved in Sent
Items. The most recent sent text message is always added to
the top of the Sent Items list.
The Sent Items folder is capable of storing a maximum of
thirty (30) last sent messages. When the folder is full, the next
sent text message automatically replaces the oldest text
message in the folder.
NOTE: Long press R at any time to return to the Home
Viewing a Sent Text Message
Press the programmed Text Message button and proceed to
Step 3.
Follow the procedure below.
1S to access the menu.
2Por Q to Messages and press N to select.
3Por Q to Sent Items and press N to select.
4Por Q to the required message and press N to
A subject line may be shown if the message is from an
e-mail application.
The icon at the top right corner of the screen indicates the
status of the message (see Sent Item Icons on page 16).
Sending a Sent Text Message
You can select one of the following options while viewing a sent
text message:
NOTE: If the channel type (i.e. conventional digital or Capacity
Plus) is not a match, you can only edit, forward, or
delete a Sent message.
1Press N again while viewing the message.
2Por Q to Resend and press N to select.
3The display shows Sending to: <Subscriber/Group
Alias or ID>, confirming that the same message is being
sent to the same target radio.
4If the message is sent, a tone sounds and the display shows
Message Sent.
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