Text Message Features
Your radio is able to receive data, for example a text message,
from another radio or an e-mail application.
The maximum length of characters for a text message,
including the subject line (seen when receiving message from
an e-mail application), is 138.
The radio exits the current screen once the inactivity timer
expires. Any text message in the writing/editing screen will
automatically be saved to the Drafts folder.
NOTE: Long press R at any time to return to the Home
Writing and Sending a Text Message
Press the programmed Text Message button and proceed to
Step 3.
Follow the procedure below.
1S to access the menu.
2Por Q to Messages and press N to select.
3Por Q to Write and press N to select.
4A blinking cursor appears.
Use the keypad to type your message.
Press P to move one space to the left.
Press Q or the # key to move one space to the right.
Press the *DEL key to delete any unwanted characters.
5Press N once message is composed.
6Por Q to Send and press N to send the message.
Por Q to Save and press N to save the message to
the Drafts folder.
R to edit the message.
R again to delete the message or save it to the Drafts
7Por Q to the required alias or ID and press N to
Por Q to Manual Dial and press N to select.
The first line of the display shows Radio Number:. The
second line of the display shows a blinking cursor. Key in
the subscriber ID and press N.
8The display shows Text Message: <Subscriber/Group
Alias or ID>, confirming your message is being sent.
9If the message is sent, a tone sounds and the display shows
Message Sent.
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