Advanced Features
Call Log Features
Your radio keeps track of all recent outgoing, answered, and
missed Private Calls. Use the call log feature to view and
manage recent calls.
You can perform the following tasks in each of your call lists:
Store ID to Contacts
Viewing Recent Calls
The lists are Missed, Answered, and Outgoing.
1S to access the menu.
2Por Q to Call Log and press N to select.
3Por Q to preferred list and press N to select.
4The display shows the most recent entry at the top of the
5Por Q to view the list.
Press the PTT button to start a Private Call with the current
selected alias or ID.
Missed Call Screen
Whenever a call is missed, your radio displays a missed call
message. Select View to view it immediately or View Later to
view at a later time.
NOTE: The radio exits the Missed Call screen and sets up a
Private Call if you press the PTT button while viewing
a missed call number.
1The display shows Missed Calls, along with the number of
calls missed and View?.
2Press N to view the missed call ID. The missed call log list
appears on display.
Press N to store or delete the entry.
Por Q to View Later and press N to select. You
return to the Home screen.
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