Advanced Features
Assigning an Entry to a Programmable
Number Key
1S to access the menu.
2Por Q to Contacts and press N to select. The
entries are alphabetically sorted.
3Por Q to the required alias or ID and press N to
4Por Q to Program Key and press N to select.
5Por Q to the desired number key and press N to
If the number key is currently assigned to another entry, the
display shows The Key is Already Assigned and then,
the first line of the display shows Overwrite?.
Por Q to Yes and press N to select.
6The radio sounds a positive indicator tone and the display
shows Contact Saved.
7The screen automatically returns to the previous menu.
NOTE: Each entry can be associated to different number keys.
You see a checkmark before each number key that is
assigned to an entry. If the checkmark is before Empty,
you have not assign a number key to the entry.
If a number key is assigned to an entry in a particular
mode, this feature is not supported when you long
press the number key in another mode.
See Making a Group, Private or All Call with the
Programmable Number Key on page 31 for details on making
a Group, Private or All Call with the programmed number
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