Advanced Features
NOTE: During channel access, press R to dismiss the call
attempt and a negative indicator tone sounds. Your
radio returns to the Call Phone screen.
During the call, when you press One Touch Access
button with the deaccess code preconfigured or enter
the deaccess code as the input for extra digits, your
radio attempts to end the call.
During channel access and access/deaccess code or
extra digits transmission, your radio responds to On/
Off/Volume Control Knob and Channel Selector
Knob only. A tone sounds for every invalid input.
The access or deaccess code cannot be more than 10
Making a Group, Private, Phone or All Call by Alias
You can also use alias or alphanumeric search to retrieve the
required subscriber alias.
This feature is only applicable while in Contacts.
1S to access the menu.
2Por Q to Contacts and press N to select. The
entries are alphabetically sorted.
3Key in the first character of the required alias.
4A blinking cursor appears.
Use the keypad to type the required alias.
Press P to move one space to the left.
Press Q to move one space to the right.
Press the *DEL key to delete any unwanted characters.
5The first line of the display shows the characters you keyed
in. The second line of the display shows the required alias.
The alias search is case-insensitive. If there are two or more
entries with the same name, the radio displays the entry that
is listed first in the Contacts list.
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