Advanced Features
Responding to a Transmission During a Scan
During scanning, your radio stops on a channel/group where
activity is detected. The radio stays on that channel for a
programmed time period known as “hang time”.
1Hold the radio vertically 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.0 cm) from
your mouth.
If the Channel Free Indication feature is enabled, you
will hear a short alert tone the moment the transmitting radio
releases the PTT button, indicating the channel is free for
you to respond.
2Press the PTT button during hang time. The LED lights up
solid green.
3Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to finish (if enabled) and speak
clearly into the microphone.
Wait for the PTT Sidetone to finish (if enabled) and
speak clearly into the microphone.
4Release the PTT button to listen.
5If you do not respond within the hang time, the radio returns
to scanning other channels/groups.
Deleting a Nuisance Channel
If a channel continually generates unwanted calls or noise
(termed a “nuisance” channel), you can temporarily remove the
unwanted channel from the scan list.
This capability does not apply to the channel designated as the
Selected Channel.
1When your radio “locks on to” an unwanted or nuisance
channel, press the programmed Nuisance Channel Delete
button until you hear a tone.
2Release the Nuisance Channel Delete button. The
nuisance channel is deleted.
Deleting a “nuisance” channel is only possible through the
programmed Nuisance Channel Delete button. This feature is
not accessible through the menu.
Restoring a Nuisance Channel
To restore the deleted nuisance channel, do one of the
Turn the radio off and then power it on again, OR
Stop and restart a scan via the programmed Scan button or
menu, OR
Change the channel via the Channel Selector Knob.
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