Making and Receiving Calls
7The display shows Talkaround On.
The display shows Talkaround Off.
8The screen automatically returns to the previous menu.
The Talkaround setting is retained even after powering down.
Monitoring Features
Monitoring a Channel
Use the Monitor feature to make sure a channel is clear before
1Press and hold the programmed Monitor button and listen
for activity.
2The Monitor icon appears on the display and the LED lights
up solid yellow.
3You hear radio activity or total silence, depending on how
your radio is programmed.
4When you hear “white noise” (that is, the channel is free),
press the PTT button to talk and release it to listen.
Permanent Monitor
Use the Permanent Monitor feature to continuously monitor a
selected channel for activity.
NOTE: This feature is not applicable in Capacity Plus.
1Press the programmed Permanent Monitor button.
2Radio sounds an alert tone, the LED lights up solid yellow,
and the display shows Permanent Monitor On. The
Monitor icon appears on the display.
3Press the programmed Permanent Monitor button to exit
Permanent Monitor mode.
4Radio sounds an alert tone, the LED turns off, and display
shows Permanent Monitor Off.
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