Making and Receiving Calls
Phone Call as All Call
When you receive a Phone Call as an All Call:
1The first line of the display shows the RSSI icon. The
second line of the display shows Phone Call which
alternates with All Call, and the Phone Call icon.
2Press the PTT button to talk and release it to listen. The
RSSI icon disappears during transmission.
3Press R to end the call.
If Phone Call capability is not enabled in your radio, the first line
of the display shows
and your radio mutes the
call. Your radio returns to the previous screen when the call
NOTE: When you receive a Phone Call as an All Call, you can
respond to the call or end the call, only if an All Call
type is assigned to the channel.
Making a Radio Call
You can select a channel, subscriber ID, or group by using:
The Channel Selector Knob
A programmed One Touch Access button
The programmed number keys This method is for Group,
Private and All Calls only and is used with the keypad (see
Making a Group, Private or All Call with the
Programmable Number Key on page 31).
A programmable button This method is for Phone Calls only
(see Making a Phone Call with the Programmable Phone
Button on page 32).
The Contacts list (see Contacts Settings on page 48)
Manual Dial This method is for Private and Phone Calls
only and is dialed using the keypad (see Making a Private
Call from Contacts on page 49, Making a Phone Call from
Contacts on page 50, and Making a Call with the
Programmable Manual Dial Button on page 33).
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