Making and Receiving Calls
5The LED lights up solid green.
6Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to finish (if enabled) and speak
clearly into the microphone.
Wait for the PTT Sidetone to finish (if enabled) and
speak clearly into the microphone.
7Release the PTT button to listen.
8If there is no voice activity for a predetermined period of
time, the call ends.
See Making a Group Call on page 26 for details on making a
Group Call.
NOTE: If the radio receives a Group Call while not on the
Home screen, it remains on its current screen prior to
answering the call.
Long press the R button to go to the Home screen
to view the caller alias before replying.
Receiving and Responding to a Private Call
A Private Call is a call from an individual radio to another
individual radio.
There are two types of Private Calls. The first type, where a
radio presence check is performed prior to setting up the call,
while the other sets up the call immediately.
When your radio is checked, the LED blinks green.
Only one of these call types can be programmed to your radio
by your dealer.
When you receive a Private Call:
1The LED blinks green.
2The first line of the display shows the subscriber alias or ID,
and the RSSI icon. The second line displays Private Call
and the Private Call icon.
3Hold the radio vertically 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.0 cm) from
your mouth.
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