Making and Receiving Calls
4Por Q to the required zone and proceed to Step 7.
Key in the first character of the required zone.
5A blinking cursor appears.
Use the keypad to type the required zone.
Press P to move one space to the left.
Press Q to move one space to the right.
Press the *DEL key to delete any unwanted characters.
6The first line of the display shows the characters you keyed
in. The second line of the display shows the required zone.
The alias search is case-insensitive. If there are two or more
zones with the same name, the radio displays the zone that
is listed first in the zone list.
7Press N to select.
8The display shows <Zone> Selected momentarily and
returns to the selected zone screen.
Selecting a Radio Channel, Subscriber ID,
or Group ID
Once the required zone is displayed (if you have multiple
zones in your radio), turn the programmed Channel Selector
Knob to select the channel, subscriber alias or ID, or group
alias or ID.
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