Identifying Status Indicators
LED Indicator
The LED indicator shows the operational status of your radio.
Blinking red Radio is transmitting at low battery condition,
receiving an emergency transmission or has failed the self-test
upon powering up.
Solid yellow Radio is monitoring a channel.
Blinking yellow Radio is scanning for activity or receiving a
Call Alert.
Double blinking yellow Radio is no longer connected to the
repeater while in Capacity Plus, all Capacity Plus channels are
currently busy or in locked state.
Rapidly blinking yellow Radio is actively searching for a new
Solid green Radio is transmitting.
Blinking green Radio is powering up, receiving a non-
privacy-enabled call or data, or detecting activity over the air.
Rapidly blinking green Radio is receiving a privacy-enabled
call or data.
NOTE: While in conventional mode, when the LED blinks
green, it indicates the radio detects activity over the air.
Due to the nature of the digital protocol, this activity
may or may not affect the radio's programmed channel.
For Capacity Plus, there is no LED indication when the
radio is detecting activity over the air.
Upon a PTT button press, if the radio is programmed
for polite operation, the radio automatically determines
whether a transmission is permitted via a Talk Permit or
a Talk Denial tone.
LED Indicator
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