Identifying Radio Controls
Switching Between Conventional Analog
and Digital Mode
Each channel in your radio can be configured as a conventional
analog or conventional digital channel. Use the Channel
Selector Knob to switch between an analog or a digital channel.
When switching from digital to analog mode, certain features
are unavailable. Icons for the digital features (such as
Messages) reflect this change by appearing ‘grayed out’.
Disabled features are hidden in the menu.
Your radio also has features available in both analog and digital
mode. However, the minor differences in the way each feature
works does NOT affect the performance of your radio.
NOTE: Your radio also switches between digital and analog
modes during a dual mode scan (see Scan on
page 46).
Switching Between Internal and External
The BluetoothTM adaptor connected to the radio through the
universal connector provides BluetoothTM connectivity for
wireless audio routing between your radio and off-the-shelf
BluetoothTM headset.
You hear a momentary tone, if a BluetoothTM link is established
or disconnected successfully between a BluetoothTM adaptor
and a BluetoothTM device.
Press the Audio Routing button to switch between an internal
or an external speaker and a tone sounds. If you press the
Audio Routing button when the BluetoothTM link is
disconnected, a negative indicator tone sounds.
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