Identifying Radio Controls
Assignable Settings or Utility Functions
All Tones/Alerts Toggles all tones and alerts on or off.
Backlight Toggles display backlight on or off.
Keypad Lock Toggles keypad between locked and unlocked.
Power Level Toggles transmit power level between high and
Squelch Toggles squelch level between tight and
Accessing the Programmed Functions
You can access various radio functions through one of the
following ways:
A short or long press of the
relevant programmable buttons.
Use the Menu Navigation Buttons as follows:
1To access the menu, press the S button. Press the
appropriate Menu Scroll button (Por Q) to access
the menu functions.
2To select a function or enter a sub-menu, press the N
3To go back one menu level, or to return to the previous
screen, press the R button. Long press the R button
to return to the Home screen.
NOTE: Your radio automatically exits the menu after a period
of inactivity and returns to your Home screen.
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