Identifying Radio Controls
Option Board Feature Toggles option board feature(s) on or
off for option board-enabled channels.
Permanent Monitor* Monitors a selected channel for all radio
traffic until function is disabled.
Phone Provides direct access to the Phone Contacts list.
Privacy Toggles privacy on or off.
Radio Alias and ID Provides radio alias and ID.
Radio Check Determines if a radio is active in a system.
Radio Enable Allows a target radio to be remotely
Radio Disable Allows a target radio to be remotely
Remote Monitor Turns on the microphone of a target
radio without it giving any indicators.
Repeater/Talkaround* Toggles between using a repeater and
communicating directly with another radio.
Scan* Toggles scan on or off.
Site Lock On/Off* Toggles the automatic site roam on or
Telemetry Control Controls the Output Pin on a local or
remote radio.
Text Message Selects the text message menu.
Transmit Interrupt Remote Dekey Stops the
transmission of a remote monitored radio without giving any
indicators, or an ongoing interruptible call to free the channel.
Voice Operating Transmission (VOX) Toggles VOX on or
Zone Allows selection from a list of zones.
* Not applicable in Capacity Plus
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