Identifying Radio Controls
Programmable Buttons
Your dealer can program the programmable buttons as
shortcuts to radio functions or preset channels/groups
depending on the duration of a button press:
Short press Pressing and releasing rapidly (0.05 seconds).
Long press Pressing and holding for the programmed
duration (between 1.00 second and 3.75 seconds).
Hold down Keeping the button pressed.
NOTE: The programmed duration of a button press is
applicable for all assignable radio/utility functions or
settings. See Emergency Operation on page 61 for
more information on the programmed duration of the
Emergency button.
Assignable Radio Functions
Audio Routing Toggles audio routing between internal and
external speakers.
Contacts Provides direct access to the Contacts list.
Emergency Depending on the programming, initiates or
cancels an emergency alarm or call.
Manual Dial Depending on the programming, initiates a
Private or Phone Call by keying in any subscriber ID or phone
Manual Site Roam*
Starts the manual site search.
Monitor Monitors a selected channel for activity.
Nuisance Channel Delete* Temporarily removes an
unwanted channel, except for the Selected Channel, from the
scan list. The Selected Channel refers to the user’s selected
zone/channel combination from which scan is initiated.
One Touch Access Directly initiates a predefined
Private, Phone or Group Call, a Call Alert or a Quick Text
* Not applicable in Capacity Plus
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