Overview of Your Baby Unit (Camera)
Important guidelines for installing your Baby Monitor
To use your Video Monitor Baby and the Parent Unit together, you must be
able to establish a radio link between them, and the range may be affected
by environmental conditions.
Any large metal object, like a refrigerator, a mirror, a filing cabinet, metallic
doors or reinforced concrete between the Baby and Parent Units may block
the radio signal.
The signal strength may also be reduced by other solid structures, like walls
or electrical equipment, such as radios, TVs, computers, cordless or mobile
phones, fluorescent lights or dimmer switches.
Use of other 2.4 GHz products, such as wireless networks (Wi-Fi® routers),
Bluetooth® systems, or microwave ovens, may cause interference with this
product, so keep the Baby Monitor at least 5 feet from these types of
products, or turn them off if they appear to be causing interference.
If the signal is weak, try moving the Parent and/or the Baby Unit to different
positions in the rooms.
1. Camera Lens
2. Microphone
3. Power indicator
Lights up in blue when the Baby Unit
is switched on and linked to the
Parent Unit.
Off when the Baby Unit is switched
4. Power ON/OFF switch
Slide to switch the Baby Unit on
or off.
5. Power Adapter Socket
6. Light Sensor (Night Vision
7. Pair Key
Press and hold to pair with the
Parent Unit.
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