Troubleshooting 21
The baby monitor system produces a high-pitched noise
The Parent Unit and the Baby Unit are too close to each other. Make sure the
Parent Unit and Baby Unit are at least 3 feet away from each other.
The speaker volume of the Parent Unit may be set too high. Decrease the
volume of the Parent Unit.
Battery pack in the Parent Unit is running low quickly
The LCD brightness may be set too high. Try to decrease the brightness
level. Refer to section 4.2 for details.
The volume level of the Parent Unit may be set too high, which consumes
power. Decrease the volume level of the Parent Unit. Refer to section 4.1 for
volume level settings.
Parent Unit image is not in color
The Baby Unit is in a dark room, which causes the infra-red illumination to
turn on and the picture image to change from color to black and white.
When the room becomes brighter, the picture will return to color.
There is no transmission from the Baby Unit to the Parent Unit
Switch on both the Baby and Parent Units.
Pair the Baby Unit again as described in see “4.3.5 Add camera".
If there is no free camera location, delete a location first, as described in see
“4.3.6 Delete camera".
The Parent Unit is in standby
To turn on the Parent Unit screen, press the ON/OFF button 0 briefly.
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