Parent Unit Menu Options 17
4.3.7 View camera
If you have more than one camera paired with the Parent Unit, to select the
transmission image from a specific camera, proceed as follows:
1. Press the M MENU button when the Parent Unit is in camera viewing
2. Press the < LEFT/> RIGHT button to select view camera icon .
appears on the screen.
3. Press the + UP /- DOWN button to select the number of the camera that
you wish to view, or the scan icon to view each paired camera in sequence
at about 20 seconds interval.
4. Confirm with the O button.
4.3.8 Switch camera view
The “switch camera view” function is available if you have multiple cameras
paired with the Parent Unit.
When the Parent Unit is in camera viewing mode, press the O button, and the
camera view from the next paired camera appears on the screen, with the
camera number or scan shown on the status bar. Each press of the O button
cycles through all the paired cameras.
4.3.9 Two-way communication
The Parent Unit has a two-way communication function. To activate two-way
communication function, hold down the button on the Parent Unit and speak
into the unit. The words speak will be heard on the camera. To deactivate two-
way communication function, release the button.
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