Getting Started 11
2.2 Charge the Parent Unit
The Parent Unit comes with a built-in Li-ion battery.
Charge the battery in the Parent Unit for at least 16 hours before using it for the
first time or when the Parent Unit indicates that the battery is low.
1. Insert the small end (USB) of the Parent Unit’s power adapter (Output 5V,
1000mA) into the USB socket in the back of the Parent Unit.
2. Insert the other end of the power adapter into a suitable electrical outlet.
The battery status indicator will light up in blue to indicate that the Parent
Unit is connected to the electrical outlet.
Only use the supplied power adapter.
3. Press and hold the power button 0 to switch on the Parent Unit.
The power indicator will light up in green to indicate that the Parent unit is
switched on.
4. When the Baby and Parent Units are both switched ON, the display on the
Parent Unit will show the image captured by the Baby Unit.
If the Baby Unit (camera) is not in range or is switched off, the Parent Unit
beeps repeatedly and appears on the screen.
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