Radio Overview
On/Off/Volume Knob
Turns the radio on or off, and adjusts the
radio’s volume.
Channel Selector Knob
Switches the radio to different channels.
LED Indicator
Indicates status of battery, power-up,
scanning, and receipt of a selective call.
Programmable Buttons
Several of your radio’s buttons can be
programmed by your dealer as shortcut
buttons for many of the radio’s features.
Check with your dealer for a complete list of
functions your radio supports.
Programmable buttons include:
The three Side Buttons (A, B, C) and the
Top Button (D)
Each button can access up to two features,
depending on the type of button press:
short press—quickly pressing and releas-
ing the programmable buttons, or
long press—pressing and holding the pro-
grammable buttons for at least 1 1/2 sec-
onds, or
hold down—pressing and holding down
the programmable buttons while checking
status or making adjustments.
The table on page 6 summarizes the
programmable features available and shows
the page number where the feature is
In the “Button” column, have your dealer write
down the programmable buttons next to the
features that have been programmed to them.
Use the abbreviations (e.g., A for Side
Button 1, D for Top Button, etc.) shown in the
radio illustration at the front of this manual.
Also, where a choice exists, have your dealer
indicate whether the button press is short
press (SP) or long press (LP).
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