Sending a Call
1. Turn Channel Selector knob to desired channel.
2. Press PTT and speak clearly with mouth about 2.5 to 5 cm (1 to 2 inches)
away from microphone.
3. Release PTT to listen.
Receiving a Call
1. Turn radio on and set volume level.
2. Switch to desired channel.
3. When a call is received, it will be heard at the volume level you set.
Deleting a Nuisance Channel During Scanning
1. While on a nuisance channel, press and hold preprogrammed Scan button
until you hear a tone.
2. Release Scan button.
Sounding an Emergency Siren
Press preprogrammed Emergency button (Top button [D]) to sound
Emergency Siren.
Press Emergency button again to stop Emergency Siren.
PR860 Quick Reference Card
Record the functions for your radio’s programmable buttons in the table
provided below. For further information, see page 6 in this User Guide.
On/Off/Volume Knob
Side Button 1 (A)
Push-to-Talk (PTT)
LED Indicator
Side Button 2 (B)
Side Button 3 (C)
Channel Selector Knob
Top Button (D)
Button Function Short Press Long Press Hold Down Page
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