2. Plug one side of the cloning cable to the
Source Radio and the other end to the
Target Radio.
3. For both the Source and Target radios, to
power up in Cloning mode, press the
INFO button and Power button
The cloning icon displays on the LED
4. Press the Volume Control Button (+/–)
to enable cloning then, press PTT button
to confirm.
The cloning icon “C” flashes on the
All data which can be customized will be
transmitted from the Source Radio to the
Target Radio via the cloning cable.
5. If cloning is successful, the radio emits a
pass tone and the cloning “C” icon stops
If there is an error during cloning, the “E”
icon flashes on the display. Reset the
radio and reinitiate cloning.
6. Once the cloning process is completed,
turn the Radios OFF and ON again to exit
“Clone” mode.
What To Do If Cloning Fails
The display flashes “E” indicating that the
cloning process has failed. In the event that the
cloning fails, perform each of the following
steps before attempting to start cloning process
1. Ensure that the batteries on both radios
are fully charged.
2. Check the cloning cable connection on
both radios.
3. Ensure that the battery is engaged
properly on the radio.
4. Ensure that there is no debris in the
charging tray or on the radio contacts.
5. Ensure that the Source radio is in cloning
mode and the Target radio is turned on.
6. Ensure that the two radios are both from
the same frequency band, same region
and have the same transmission power.
When ordering the CPS Cloning Cable Kit,
please refer to P/N# HKKN4028_. For more
information about the accessories, refer to
“Accessories” on page 38.
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