Sign of Life
When the radio is idle, the LED display lights
up seven seconds after the last detected
activity. The display lights up for 0.6 seconds to
show that the radio is still on but in idle mode.
The following image shows the animation of
the ‘Sign of Life’ feature.
Transmit Time-Out Timer
This timer sets the amount of time that the
radio can continuously transmit before the
transmission is automatically terminated. The
default setting is 60 seconds and can be
changed using the CPS.
One Touch Volume
This feature allows you to adjust the volume
from the current level to the preset level by
pressing the PTT button.
When this feature is enabled, the PTT button
works as a One Touch Volume button when
an audio accessory is connected to the radio.
The audio volume increases or decreases to
the preset value when the PTT button is
pressed, depending on the value selected in
the CPS.
The PTT button functions as a transmit button
when this feature is disabled.
Call Tone
Call Tones feature allows you to transmit an
audible tone to other radios on the same
channel to alert them that you are about to talk
or to alert them without speaking.
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