The CLK446 radio can operate hands-free
(VOX) when used with compatible VOX
With Compatible VOX Accessories
The default factory setting for VOX sensitivity
level is Medium (level ‘2’). Before using VOX,
set VOX level to a level different from ‘2’ via the
Customer Programming Software (CPS). Then,
perform the following steps:
1. Turn the radio OFF.
2. Open accessory cover.
3. Insert the plug of the audio accessory
firmly into accessory port.
4. Turn radio ON.
5. Lower radio volume BEFORE placing
accessory near ear.
6. To transmit, speak into accessory
microphone and to receive, stop talking.
7. VOX can be temporarily disabled by
pressing the PTT button or by removing
the audio accessory.
Note: To order accessories, contact your
Motorola point of purchase
Enabling and Disabling VOX
Press the Menu button until the VOX icon
displays. To enable or disable VOX, press the
Volume Control Button (+/–).
To save the VOX setting and exit the menu,
press the PTT button.
The VOX level can be set in the CPS.
Voice Announcement
This feature enables the radio to audibly
indicate the radio operations. The Voice
Announcement feature is enabled by default.
To change the Voice Announcement setting,
press the MENU button until the Voice
Announcement icon displays. To turn the Voice
Announcement on or off, press the Volume
Control Button (+/–).
This radio supports 10 languages. The Voice
Announcement language is programmable via
the CPS.
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