strength or channels that have a higher than
normal background noise.
Press the MENU button until the Squelch icon
appears. To select squelch level, press the
Volume Control Button (+/–).
There are three squelch levels and the default
squelch level is Level 2. The levels are
indicated by the following icons:
To save squelch level and exit Menu, press the
PTT button.
This radio is able to transmit in repeater mode
which increases the range of transmission. If
the Repeater feature is turned on, the radio
transmits and receives in the preset repeater
channels. When not in repeater mode, the
radio transmits in talkaround mode whereby
the radio transmits in the same frequency as
the receive (Rx) frequency.
This feature is available only in selected
Channels which are programmed with the
Repeater feature enabled in the CPS.
For Channels which are configured with the
repeater feature, press the MENU button and
the Volume Control Button (+/–) until the
Repeater display icon appears to toggle
Repeater mode on and off.
To save the Repeater setting, press the PTT
Note: If Repeater mode is disabled for a
selected Channel, you will hear a bad
key tone when PTT is pressed.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
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