To select a channel, press the PTT button or
wait until the display returns to the Home
screen. The LED display shows the new
Channel number.
Starting and Stopping Scan
Scan allows you to monitor other channels to
detect conversations. When the radio detects a
transmission, it stops scanning and goes to the
active channel. This allows you to listen and
talk to people in that channel without having to
change channel.
To activate the Scan feature, press the MENU
button until the Scan icon displays. Press the
Volume Control Button (+/–) to turn on or off
the Scan feature.
The radio only scans the channels which are
programmed in the Scan List for each channel.
The channels saved in the Scan List can be
modified using the Customer Programming
Software (CPS).
The radio does not automatically exit Scan
mode after the Menu timer expires. To exit
Scan mode, press the MENU button until the
Scan icon displays. Press the Volume Control
Button (+/–) to turn off the Scan feature.
To pause Scan and return to the menu, press
the MENU button.
Nuisance Channel Delete
Nuisance Channel Delete allows you to
temporarily remove channels from the Scan
List. This feature is useful when irrelevant
conversations on a ‘nuisance’ channel ties up
the radio’s scanning feature.
To delete a channel from the Scan List:
Start Scan mode by pressing the MENU
button then, navigate to the Scan feature
and enable scan by using the Volume
Control Button (+/–).
Wait until the radio stops receiving at the
channel you wish to eliminate. Long press
the MON button to delete the channel.
The channel will not be scanned again until you
exit the Scan mode by short pressing the PTT
button or by turning OFF the radio and back
Setting Squelch Levels
You can adjust the squelch level of the radio to
filter out unwanted calls with low signal
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