Cannot activate VOX
VOX feature might be set to OFF.
Use the CPS to ensure that the VOX Sensitivity level is not set to ‘0’.
Accessory not working or not compatible.
Refer to “Hands-Free Use/VOX” on page 24.
Battery does not charge
although it has been placed in
the drop-in charger for a while
Check drop-in tray charger is properly connected and correspond to a
compatible power supply.
Refer to “Charging the Radio with the Single-Unit Charger” on page 17 and
“Charging A Standalone Battery” on page 17.
Check the charger’s LEDs indicators to see if the battery has a problem. Refer
to “Charger LED Indicators” on page 19.
Note: Whenever a feature in the radio seems to not correspond to the default or preprogrammed values, check
to see if the radio has been programmed using the CPS with a customized profile.
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