Heavy static or interference
Radios are too close; they must be at 1.5 meters apart.
Radios are too far apart or obstacles are interfering with transmission.
Refer to “Talk Range” on page 20.
Low batteries
Recharge or replace Li-Ion battery.
Extreme operating temperatures affect battery life.
Refer to “About the Li-Ion Battery” on page 15.
Drop-in Charger LED light
does not blink
Check that the radio/battery is properly inserted and check the battery/charger
contacts to ensure that they are clean and charging pin is inserted correctly.
Refer to “Charging the Radio with the Single-Unit Charger” on page 17,
“Charging the Radio with the Multi-Unit Charger (Optional Accessory)” on
page 18 and “Installing the Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery” on page 16.
Low battery indicator is
blinking although new
batteries are inserted
Refer to “Installing the Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery” on page 16, and “About the
Li-Ion Battery” on page 15.
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