Limited talk range
Steel and/or concrete structures, heavy foliage, buildings or vehicles decrease
range. Check for clear line of sight to improve transmission.
Wearing radio close to body such as in a pocket or on a belt decreases range.
Change location of radio. To increase range and coverage, you can reduce
obstructions or increase power. UHF radios provides greater coverage in
industrial and commercial buildings. Increasing power provides greater signal
range and increased penetration through obstructions.
Refer to “Talk Range” on page 20.
Message not transmitted or
Make sure the PTT button is completely pressed when transmitting.
Confirm that the radios have the same Channel, Frequency, Interference
Eliminator Code and Scramble Code settings. Refer to “Frequency and Code
Charts” on page 30 for further information.
Recharge, replace and/or reposition batteries. Refer to “About the Li-Ion
Battery” on page 15.
Obstructions and operating indoors, or in vehicles, may interfere. Change
location. Refer to “Talk Range” on page 20.
Verify that the radio is not in Scan. Refer to “Starting and Stopping Scan” on
page 22 and “Nuisance Channel Delete” on page 22.
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