FCC Licensing Information
FCC Licensing Information
Interference Information
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does
not cause harmful interference.
Series™ Business two-way radios operate on radio frequencies that are regulated by the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC). To transmit on these frequencies, you are required to have a license
issued by the FCC. Application is made available on FCC Form 601 and Schedules D, H, and Remittance Form
To obtain these FCC forms, request document 000601 which includes all forms and instructions. If you wish to
have the document faxed, mailed or have questions, use the following contact information.
Before filling out your application, you must decide which frequency(ies) you can operate on. See “Frequencies
and Code Charts”. For questions on determining the radio frequency, call Motorola Solutions Product Services
Faxed contact the
Fax-On- Demand
system at:
Mailed call the FCC forms hotline at: Questions regarding FCC
license contact the FCC at:
1-202-418-0177 1-800-418-FORM
Or: http://www.fcc.gov
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