Limited Warranty for Motorola Solutions Personal Communications
Products Purchased in the United States and Canada
I. What This Warranty Covers
Subject to the exclusions contained below, Motorola Solutions, Inc. warrants its telephones,
pagers, and consumer and business two-way radios (excluding commercial, government or
industrial radios) that operate via Family Radio Service or General Mobile Radio Service,
Motorola Solutions branded or certified accessories sold for use with these Products
(“Accessories”) and Motorola Solutions software contained on CD-ROMs or other tangible
media and sold for use with these Products (“Software”) to be free from defects in materials
and workmanship under normal consumer usage for the period(s) outlined below. This
limited warranty is a consumer's exclusive remedy, and applies as follows to new Motorola
Solutions Products, Accessories and Software purchased by consumers in the United
States, which are accompanied by this written warranty.
II. Products and Accessories
• Products and Accessories as defined above, unless otherwise provided for below.
One (1) year from the date of purchase by the first consumer purchaser of the product
unless otherwise provided for below.
• Decorative Accessories and Cases. Decorative covers, bezels, PhoneWrap™ covers
and cases.
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