Advanced Features
Advanced Features
You can set the following features by pressing and holding additional buttons while
turning the radio on.
To Do This
Press This Button
While Turning
the Radio On
Turn Keypad Tones On/Off
Turns keypad beeps off for silent keypad operation. [On
Turn End-of-Transmission Tone On/Off
If enabled, your two-way radio transmits a tone
when you finish transmitting.
If keypad tones are off and end-of-transmission tone
is on, you will not hear the end-of-transmission tone,
but it is transmitted.
Turn Battery Save Mode On/Off
Decreases attack time, which is the brief period of
time between when the radio receives a
transmission on its frequency and broadcasts audio.
Turning battery save mode off decreases battery life
by approximately 20%.
Push to Talk
T [On
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