Cloning Radio Settings
Cloning Radio Settings
You can copy _ Series radio settings from one radio (the source) to a second radio
using the Multi-Unit Charger (MUC) optional accessory. See the MUC User's Guide
for more information.
You can clone only one radio at a time. A multi-channel radio can clone to a single-
channel radio, but only the first channel is cloned. The MUC does not have to be
plugged in for cloning, but both radios require charged batteries.
1. On the source radio, press and hold
Push to Talk
and T for 3 seconds while
turning the radio on. The radio beeps and displays k.
2. Place the source radio in one of the charging pockets.
3. Turn the target radio on and place it in the charging pocket
that is paired with the pocket containing the source radio.
There are 3 paired charging pockets as indicated by the
3 pairs of charging status LEDs.
4. Press and hold T on the source radio. The source radio
transmits its settings to the target radio. If cloning was
successful, P or Pass or “F” for Fail displays on the source
radio and the target radio displays all feature icons. If cloning
was not successful, F or Fail displays on the source radio.
5. Turn the target radio off and back on again to use.
6. To clone another radio, repeat steps 3 and 4.
7. To exit programming mode on the source radio, press and hold
Push to Talk
until k no longer appears.
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