Customer Programming Mode
Programming Call Tones and VibraCall® (CLS1410 only)
Your radio can transmit call tones to other radios in your group so you can alert them
that you are about to talk. Your radio is programmed at the factory with call tones
turned off (set to 0), but you can change this setting to choose a distinctive call tone.
The VibraCall® feature is an additional call tone option that makes the CLS1410 radio
vibrate briefly when it receives if you have not transmitted or received in the last
30 seconds. Select call tone 4 to turn VibraCall® on. i displays on the radio when
VibraCall® is on.
1. In advanced configuration mode, press S until Edisplays.
2. Press [or ] to hear and select the call tone. Select call tone 4 for
VibraCall® (CLS1410 only).
3. Press and hold
Push to Talk
to exit, or press S to continue
To transmit your call tone, press B on the side of the radio.
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