Talking and Receiving
Monitoring a Channel
Monitoring allows you to check for activity on a channel.
1. Press and hold T If the channel is clear to use, you will hear
static and w and 0 will display.
2. Press T again to stop monitoring.
Scanning (CLS1410 Only)
You can scan up to 4 channels and frequencies. When the radio
detects activity, it stops scanning and locks in on the active channel. This allows you
to talk and listen to the person transmitting without changing channels.
1. To start scanning, briefly press T.
The scan icon h displays and the radio begins to scan the channels. When the
radio detects activity, it stops on that channel and displays w and the channel
2. To talk to the person transmitting without switching channels, press
Push to Talk
within 5 seconds.
If no transmission occurs within 5 seconds, scanning resumes.
3. To stop scanning, briefly press T.
If you press
Push to Talk
while the radio is scanning, the radio transmits on the
channel you were on before you started scanning.
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