Talking and Receiving
Talking and Receiving
Basic Radio Operation
1. Press and hold T to check for channel activity. If you hear static, the channel is
clear to use. Do not transmit if someone is speaking on the channel. Press T
again to stop monitoring.
2. To talk, press and hold
Push to Talk
and speak into the microphone. Hold the
radio 2 to 3 inches away from your mouth.
3. To listen, release
Push to Talk
The transmit LED on the top of the radio is red when transmitting.
Signal Strength and Channel Busy Indicators
Note: Obstacles that block the signal path may affect the strength of the incoming signal.
When there is activity on a frequency, the radio displays w and the
transmit light blinks at a faster rate of once per second.
When there is activity on the same frequency and code as your radio
(your radio is receiving), the radio displays w and a signal strength
from 1 (weakest) to 6 (strongest).
can help determine when a
radio is moving out of range.
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