Getting Started
Charging Status LEDs
On the drop-in charger, the radio and battery charging pockets have their own LEDs.
On the MUC, each of the 6 charging pockets has an LED. The LEDs are grouped into
pairs to show which charging pockets are paired (for cloning, see page 46).
The LED is solid red when the battery is charging, and solid green when charging is
Battery Meter
The battery meter in the upper left corner of the display (see page 24) shows how
much battery power is remaining.
Battery Life
Based on 5% transmit, 5% receive, 90% standby (standard duty cycle):
Battery Type 3 Bars 2 Bars 1 Bar Blinking
db c m
Li-Ion 100% – 70% 70% – 30% 30% – 10% Final 10%
PMNN4497_ (CLS Li-Ion 1800mAh) - 18.0 Hours
SNN5571_ (CLS Li-Ion 1200mAh) - 12.5 Hours
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