RF Energy Exposure Awareness and Control Information
and Operational Instructions for Occupational Use
A repair constitutes something done internally to the unit that would bring it back to its original condition.
Items not considered as repairs are those in which an action is performed on a unit which does not
require the outer casing of the unit to be opened in a manner that exposes the internal electrical circuits
of the unit.
Do Not Substitute Options or Accessories
The Motorola Solutions communications equipment certified as intrinsically safe by the approving
agency, (FM, UL, CSA, CENELEC) is tested as a complete system which consists of the listed agency
Approved portable, Approved battery, and Approved accessories or options, or both. This Approved
portable and battery combination must be strictly observed. There must be no substitution of items, even
if the substitute has been previously Approved with a different Motorola Solutions communications
equipment unit. Approved configurations are listed by the Approving Agency (FM, UL, CSA, CENELEC).
The Intrinsically Safe Approval Label affixed to radio refers to the intrinsically safe classification of that
radio product, and the approved batteries that can be used with that system.
The manual PN referenced on the Intrinsically Safe Approval Label identifies the approved Accessories and or
options that can be used with that portable radio unit.
Using a non-Motorola Solutions-intrinsically-safe battery and or accessory with the Motorola Solutions
approved radio unit will void the intrinsically safe approval of that radio unit.
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