RF Energy Exposure Awareness and Control Information
and Operational Instructions for Occupational Use
Operational Cautions for Intrinsic Safe Equipment
Warnings for Radios Approved as Intrinsically Safe
Radios must ship from the Motorola Solutions manufacturing facility with the hazardous atmosphere
capability and the intrinsic safety approval labelling (FM, UL, CSA, CENELEC). Radios will not be
upgraded to this capability and labeled once they have been shipped to the field.
A modification changes the unit’s hardware from its original design configuration. Modifications can only
be made by the original product manufacturer.
DO NOT operate radio communications equipment in a hazardous atmosphere unless it is a
type especially qualified (for example, FM, UL, CSA, or CENELEC approved). An explosion
or fire may result.
DO NOT operate a radio unit that has been approved as intrinsically safe product in a
hazardous atmosphere if it has been physically damaged (for example, cracked housing).
An explosion or fire may result.
DO NOT replace or charge batteries in a hazardous atmosphere. Contact sparking may
occur while installing or removing batteries and cause an explosion or fire.
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