RF Energy Exposure Awareness and Control Information
and Operational Instructions for Occupational Use
Please refer to the following websites for more information on what RF energy exposure is and how to
control your exposure to assure compliance with established RF exposure limits:
Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Regulations
When two-way radios are used as a consequence of employment, the FCC requires users to be fully
aware of and able to control their exposure to meet occupational requirements. Exposure awareness can
be facilitated by the use of a product label directing users to specific user awareness information. Your
Motorola Solutions two-way radio has a RF Exposure Product Label. Also, your Motorola Solutions user
manual, or separate safety booklet includes information and operating instructions required to control
your RF exposure and to satisfy compliance requirements.
Compliance with RF Exposure Standards
Your Motorola Solutions two-way radio is designed and tested to comply with a number of national and
International standards and guidelines (listed below) for human exposure to radio frequency
electromagnetic energy. This radio complies with the IEEE (FCC) and ICNIRP exposure limits for
occupational/controlled RF exposure environments at operating duty factors of up to 50% talk-
50% listen and is approved for occupational use only. In terms of measuring RF energy for
compliance with these exposure guidelines, your radio generates measurable RF energy only while it
is transmitting (during talking), not when it is receiving (listening) or in standby mode.
NOTE: The approved batteries, supplied with this radio, are rated for a 5-5-90 duty factor (5% talk-5%
listen-90% standby) even though this radio complies with FCC occupational exposure limits and
may operate at duty factors of up to 50% talk.
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