Limited Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty Exception. The warranty is a limited lifetime warranty for
the lifetime of ownership by the first end-user of the following products, only: (a)
decorative covers, including bezel, PhoneWrap or case (any model); and (b) ear
buds and boom headsets that transmit mono sound through a wire connection (this
does not include ear buds or boom headsets that either transmit stereo sound or that
are wireless, or both).
Repair / Replacement Exception. The warranty is for the balance of the original
warranty or for 90 days from the date returned and delivered to the first end-user,
whichever is longer.
III. Who is Covered
This warranty extends to you only if you are the first end-user purchaser.
IV. What We Will Do to Correct Warranty Problems
At no charge to you, we have the option to repair or replace the Products that do not
conform to the warranty, or to refund the Products purchase price. We may use
functionally equivalent reconditioned/refurbished/pre-owned or new Products or
parts. No software updates are provided.
V. How to Get Warranty Service
USA Canada
Cellular 1-800-331-6456 All Products 1-800-461-4575
Paging 1-800-548-9954 1-888-390-6456 TTY (Text Telephone)
FRS Radios 1-800-353-2729
1-888-390-6456 TTY (Text Telephone)
Accessories and software -- call the number designated for the product with which
they are used.
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